Apple iPHONE Itunes 3GS CELL PHONE 16GB **Good Condition**

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Item #: I4-016-WH-XN-B1
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This Genuine Apple iPhone 16 GB 3GS in good condition.
Please note this phone is locked, ready to use with your AT&T service! 
This will be shipped to you with:
1) original box
2) iPhone Earbuds
3) USB Cable
4) Charger
5) 60 day warranty
This phone is locked.
Product Description
The first thing you'll notice about iPhone 3GS is how quickly you can launch applications. Web pages render in a fraction of the time, and you can view email attachments faster. Improved performance and updated 3D graphics deliver an incredible gaming experience, too. In fact, everything you do on iPhone 3GS is up to 2x faster and more responsive than iPhone 3G.Now you can shoot video, edit it, and share it - all on your iPhone 3GS. Shoot high-quality VGA video in portrait or landscape. Trim your footage by adjusting start and end points. Then share your video in an email, post it to your MobileMe gallery, publish it on YouTube, or sync it back to your Mac or PC using iTunes.