Apple iPHONE Itunes 3G CELL PHONE 8GB **Fair Condition** UNLOCKED

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Item #: I3-008-BK-HW-B1
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This pre-owned Apple iPhone 3G 8GB is in Fair Condition - WORKS WELL!

About the Condition of this iPhone:

This phone has scratches on the display and the back plate has scratches and/or dents. The back may have some cracks near the docking station, headphone jack or vibrate switch. There are no cracks on the display and this phone is fully functional - it just might not look pretty. 

This Apple iPhone comes with:
1. A 60 Day Warranty
2. A Generic Charger.
3. A Generic USB Cable.

This iPhone is UNLOCKED and can work on any GSM Carrier World Wide!
(You need to use your own GSM sim card from your provider)
You will need to insert your own SIM card into this phone in order to use them with your existing cell phone service.