Apple iPod CLASSIC Video 80GB Black **** Good Condition ****

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Item #: V3-080-BK-NW-B1
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Our Price: $134.99

You've waited long enough. Its time to get your hands on the most advanced pocket-sized multi-media device ever built - now at a price you can afford!
This video is in good condition! It comes with New Earbuds and a USB Cable.

As its name suggests, Apples latest CLASSIC Video is about way more than just music. Thanks to its 100 hours(!) of video capacity, now you can carry a movie theatre in your pocket!

And it doesnt stop there you can also download TV shows, games, podcasts, audiobooks, photos and, of course, a giant library of music - up to 15,000 songs! Just check out these features:

  • Its lighter than previous models, so if you cant carry this baby all day, its time to hit the gym!
  • Its got a more vibrant display (60% brighter) for your increased viewing pleasure! By the way, TV episodes purchased from iTunes are optimized to look great on the crystal-clear, 320-by-240-pixel display.
  • Improved gapless playback no more between-song buzz-kills during Dark Side of the Moon!
  • New search functionality - no more near-death experiences trying to find your favorite songs while driving on the freeway! Just type in type in the name of the song, artist, album, whatever this iPod returns instant results as you select letters.
  • Audiobook-marking - automatically recognizes where you left off reading, so you dont lose your place (or your scholarship) - perfect for cramming in those last few chapters of War and Peace before the final exam!

A ton of extras including:

  • Calendar, Clock, Alarm, Contacts, and Notes functionality use your iPod as a PDA
  • Free games Brick, Music Quiz, Parachute, Solitaire. Additional games, such as Texas Hold Em, available from iTunes.
  • Stopwatch time your workouts or trail runs.
  • Screen Lock - choose a four-digit combination and protect your iPod from prying eyes. If you forget your combination, just reset it at your next sync.

The Nitty Gritty (Technical Specs):Height: 4.1 inches.Width: 2.4 inches. Depth: 0.43 inch.Weight: 4.8 ounces

Capacity:80GB hard drive.Up to 15,000 Songs, 35,000 Photos and up to 100 hours Videos

Power and battery:

  • Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Charges via USB or FireWire to computer system or power adapter (sold separately)
  • Fast-charge time: About 2 hours (charges up to 80% of battery capacity)
  • Full-charge time: About 4 hours
  • Fully-charged playback time:
    Music: Up to 14 hours
    Photo: slideshow with music: Up to 4 hours
    Video: Up to 3.5 hours